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多元化、公平、包容 & Belonging

At Foxcroft, we understand the importance of a diverse school community and how each girl's high school education experience is enriched by living among people from a variety of backgrounds.

在这里,我们拥抱彼此的相似,庆祝彼此的不同. 我们的项目鼓励学生, faculty, and staff to share perspectives and pursue a variety of learning opportunities essential to maintaining an inclusive residential community that fosters meaningful relationships and mutual respect.


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福克斯克罗夫特对我来说是另一个家. 许多人被它吸引是因为它的校园非常美丽. But the beauty isn’t the trees, the horses, or the flowers for that matter. 校园的美丽来自于来到这里的人们.

— Moriah F., Class of 2024


Black History Month

Students from Foxcroft’s Black Student Union (BSU) organize multiple events each year during Black History Month that allow the entire campus community to celebrate and reflect on Black History. 

Throughout the month, students share educational and informational videos and presentations during Morning Meetings on topics such as The Divine 9 and the Origins of Step. There are also performances ranging from vocal soloists to choreographed Step routines. The community comes together at a celebratory Black History Month banquet as well.




为了纪念西班牙裔传统月, the Spanish Club and Foxcroft community celebrate annually with a 西班牙传统月 program and banquet. 学生们就一年一度的文化庆祝活动主题发言, 分享他们的西班牙血统对他们意味着什么的个人故事. 该节目还包括表演, including vocalists and dancers who perform an amazing Mexican dance known as “Balie Folklorico.


International Week

Foxcroft’s diversity and global community is never on more prominent display than during our annual International Week, 由世界语言学系主办, Global Cultures Club, 及国际大使. 国际周以带我们环游世界的美食而自豪, 整个星期都在服务,并通过调查我们的学生群体来选择, as well as trying to be representative of the countries we DO have in our community, 并由食堂工作人员准备. 学生们创建了菜单, 带来了家庭食谱, 并将分享有关每种菜肴及其各自文化的信息.

The week culminates with the much anticipated International Gala and International Bazaar. The Gala will kick off Friday evening festivities with performances from many of our talented international and domestic students, 随后是集市,包括工作坊和互动活动.



Celebrating & 支持多元化社区

通过公开讨论和各种活动, student-led clubs help increase understanding about issues of diversity and encourage students to engage in active listening and learning. 对于那些有着共同身份或生活经历的女孩, affinity groups can help students  develop a more clear understanding of how their own identity shapes their experiences at Foxcroft. 每个小组由一位教师赞助人指导.

Leadership & Growth Opportunities


Foxcroft's longstanding tradition of giving back to the community — one of the School's core values — is the foundation for an annual Day of Service on Martin Luther King, Jr. Day each February. As "a day on, not a day off,马丁·路德·金服务日, 以及全年的其他服务机会, help students foster an understanding of different cultures and environments.



Foxcroft has a full-time Director of International Student Services who supports girls in various aspects of their lives, 确保他们为上大学做好充分准备. 每年都有来自十几个国家的女孩在福克斯克罗夫特注册. 除了一个特别的迎新计划, international students are involved in workshops and other initiatives that help them adjust to life in America. 女孩们参加学校俱乐部和体育运动, 同时担任学生领导职务, 丰富我们社区所有成员的经验.

Our Global Community



每年与NAIS有色人种会议联合举办, 学生多元化领导会议(SDLC)是一个多种族的会议, multicultural gathering of student leaders in grades 9-12 from across the United States and abroad. 在学校的支持下, Foxcroft students have attended both in-person and virtually in recent years.



福克斯克罗夫特是弗吉尼亚多样性网络的成员, an association that helps independent schools promote diversity within their school cultures through workshops and programs for faculty and administration.



一个致力于帮助社区的非营利性社区外展中心, 学校和企业通过促进包容来取得成功, the 弗吉尼亚包容性社区中心 (VCIC) and Foxcroft have partnered for several years. The VCIC team has facilitated both faculty and student leader development workshops and conducted climate surveys across the entire Foxcroft constituency.